Emergency information

If you are experiencing an emergency situition requiring immediate attention, then please call 000 and ask for an ambulance.

If you are having treatment at The Bays Hospital, then you may call the day infusion on 03 5970 5310 or the after hour coordinator at 03 5975 2009, we will give you instructions and directions.

What can I expect at an appointment?

When you arrive at our Centre, the staff will greet you and seat you at the waiting room. We will examine you as quick as possible – average waiting time is 10-15 minutes.

What happens if I am a new patient?

You may have been referred by another specialist or a doctor from a hospital if have been admitted recently. We will discuss your problem and ask about your medical history. A thorough examination will then follow. We may request examinations and tests to assist and support our diagnosis.

Many investigations such as X-rays, blood / urine analysis, ultrasonography, CT/MRI, endoscopy can all be performed with no delay in the same building. If you have previous examinations and tests related to your current condition, please bring those along to the consultation. Also bring any copies of letters from other doctors or recent medication. It will help us to help you.

We will discuss with you the results of your examinations, investigations and the diagnosis. Based on your problem and your other medical history we will recommend the treatment plan. Depending on the nature of your problem, we may book you for the treatment straightaway or keep you on observation. We may refer you to another specialist if further work up is required or discharge you from our clinic, if your problem doesn’t require our services. If follow-up consultation or further consultations are required, we will indicate this and the staff will let you know the date and time of your next appointment.

Do you have Imaging (x-rays, ultrasonography, CT-scan) facilities?


Standard X-rays, ultrasonography , endoscopy, CT-scan/MRI, bone scans and echocardiogram can be performed on location. Most of the biopsy procedures are also performed on site. If you need a PET scan then we will refer you to other centres.

What happens if I need a prescription?

We may prescribe for example analgesia treatment for your condition. Please let us know in case you have any allergy or other medical condition.

If you have already been taking drugs prescribed by your usual doctor, please bring them with you for clarification or possible drug interactions and correlations with the new condition.

Insurance and Billing

Do you accept my insurance?

Out patient consultation are not covered via health funds, so there may be some out of pocket fees. Please call our office for Fees & Billings structure for details.

In patient care and treatments at day infusion are generally covered by health funds, depending on your level of cover.

Do I need referral?

Yes, If you are new to our practice then you will need a referral from your usual doctor or specialist. The referral can be filled online or sent via fax or email. Please visit our REFERRALS page for referral process.

Do you have parking facilities?


Ample parking is available in front and around the hospitals.


Suite D7, Holmesglen Pvt Hospital, 490 South Road, Moorabbin

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