We strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of the care process, from the diagnostic work-up, through the treatment and then follow up. We believe in easy and timely communication while making sure that most FAQ of our patients can be answered here.

We focus on Evidence Based Practice using the latest standards and guidelines endorsed by global oncological societies and encourage our patients and their families to follow us on this. The use of effective and timely communication and patient education ensures smooth journey during the care and peace of mind.

When you visit one of our practices, you can expect to receive Multidisciplinary care. At our regular MDMs, expert physicians, surgeons and other specialists along with caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience.

The real revolution of cancer care since the discovery of chemotherapy has been the practice of Personalised Care, which means matching the latest treatments to individual patient characteristics. One bigger challenge is to access those, novel and potentially effective but unapproved therapies. Often Clinical

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Easy Access to diagnostic services for known or suspected malignancy

Diagnostic imaging (X Ray, CT/MR scans, Ultrasound, FDG-PET scans)


Multidisciplinary care is not only the accepted and collaborative approach to cancer treatment planning and ongoing care, but also provides extra benefits in terms of care coordination.


Infusion of cytotoxic chemotherapies, immunotherapies and targeted drugs/monoclonal antibodies
Blood transfusions
Iron Infusions