I moved to Australia form UK in 2006 after completing my internal medicine training. I then completed training in medical oncology at Monash Health and Western Health before completing fellowship in thoracic malignancies and Head & Neck Cancers at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Subsequently, I completed Doctor of Medicine degree from Monash University where my area of research was bio-marker discovery and cancer stem cells in Breast and Lung Cancers.

I have public appointments at Monash Health, where I am the lead clinician in thoracic, Head & Neck and Melanoma tumour streams. I am also keen researcher and currently investigating several novel therapies as a principal investigator on many clinical trials. I also collaborate with Lab scientist via my association with The Hudson Institute of Medical Research at Monash University.

I am married with 2 kids. I am a keen sportsperson and keep myself fit by playing squash. I also play cricket for Mount Eliza Team.


Lung, Head & Neck, Skin Cancers/Melanoma, Clinical Trials



Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia



Senior Lecturer Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Clinical Research Associate Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne, Australia

Medical Oncologist Peninsula Health




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  1. American Society of Clinical Oncology
  2. International Association of Study in Lung Cancer
  3. Medical Oncology Group of Australia
  4. Australasian Lung Cancer Trial Group
  5. Australian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group
  6. International Mesothelioma Interest Group
  7. Australasian Sarcoma Study Group

Member of RACP Somatic Cancer Advisory Committee



  1. Slater and Gordon Health Projects and Research Grant 2016
  2. Monash Senior Medical Staff Association Emerging Investigator Research Award 2016
  3. ‘Rising Star Researcher of 2015’ awarded by MHTP
  4. Monash Comprehensive Cancer Care research grant 2013
  5. Merit scholarships and awards (University of Peshawar)